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We host podcasts on particularly relevant topics such as our ongoing series on Long Duration Energy Storage and AI.


We invite CEOs, entrepreneurs, investors, and strategics to discuss the pressing and relevant issues of energy transition and sustainability.


Our podcasts are available to stream on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.



Enterprise digital twin simulation with Michel Morvan from Cosmo Tech

Thermo-electric grid-scale energy storage with Al Morales from Malta Inc

Hydrogen-Bromine flow batteries with Guido Dalessi from Elestor
Repurposing fossil cogeneration with Ask Løvschall-Jensen from Hyme Energy

Zero-emission industrial heat storage with Andrew Ponec from Antora Energy

Industrial decarbonisation with Daniel Summerbell from Carbon Re

Industrial heat decarbonisation with John O'Donnell from Rondo Energy

Scalable solutions for emerging markets with Will Tope from LiNa Energy

A 360 degree view with Julia Souder from the LDES Council

Key Strategies with Chad Spring from EnerVenue

Strategic opportunities with Baker Hughes, Saudi Aramco, Ceres Power

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