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23 May

Thermal Energy Storage ("TES") represents one of the largest emerging investment opportunities in the energy transition with a potential impact on 20% of global GHG.

Our webinar will explore the variety of solutions and applications, market trends and investment opportunities, as we give stage to the leaders in this space to share their visions.

Why attend


TES is a crucial part of LDES for renewable energy to become mainline. It is also a proven and reliable path in tackling one of the most difficult areas to abate, industrial heat decarbonisation. Our event will provide you with the chance to hear and engage with key players who are commercialising this opportunity.

Join our event to

  • Listen to TES leaders discuss their technology and strategy

  • Meet new industry players and ask questions

  • Learn about the range of solutions provided 

  • Discuss the key challenges and success stories


Any questions about the event? 
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Featured companies

We are proud to be hosting this event with a diverse line-up of players, featuring rising stars alongside emerging gems, each with their own unique technology and approach to the space. 

Each company will have a 10 minute window to present their unique solution and we will finish the session with Q&A.

Companies presenting are Antora Energy, Brenmiller, Kraftblock, Hyme Energy, Magaldi, Malta Inc, Rondo Energy, and Wahaj Solar

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